1. User access is handled under Admin – Users
  2. Default Property – If multiple properties, a default property can be set, this will be the first property seen when logged in.
  3. Visible Properties – If multiple properties exist, users viewable properties can be listed which will give them access to multiple properties.
  4. Is active – in order to activate/deactivate users without deleting.
  5. Days on Grid Before Check In Date – Can set up the rooms grid to show additional past dates than the default which shows yesterday forward.
  6. Language – Can be set to Spanish or English
  7. User level access levels are:
    1. Housekeeper – Has no system access except Housekeeper mobile view and functionality.
    2. General User – Front Desk or Office user who has access to do most all day to day actions, limited accounting functions.
    3. Supervisor User – Has all the access as the general user with some more advanced access specified by the property administrator. Can create general users.
    4. Accounting User – Has full system access, can create supervisor level access.
    5. Manage Users – Property Administrator, has full system access, can create all user levels
      1. Access of all user levels can be customized with WavePM support.