Create a new Room Type:

  1. Create the new room type
  2. Run a reservation report for all future dates
    1. Export CSV and sort by unit#
    2. Get all reservations that are assigned to the old unit# for future dates
    3. Unassign all reservations
  3. Change the unit# to the new room type
  4. Reassign all reservations to the new unit room type 
    1. Rates would be 0.00 for this new room type so ensure that you have the rates you want on those reservations
  5. Check all season on Inventory Report
    1. Check old room type under “Blocked” to ensure that there are no dates with blocked rooms.
      1. If there are any blocked rooms this means there are reservations with the old Type on those dates.
  6. Add rates/restrictions to the new type
  7. Configure the new type in Siteminder, ensure that you complete all mapping
  8. Go to Wave RACK/BAR rate plan and force Rates/Availability/Restrictions to siteminder for all future dates

Deleting a Unit or Room Type

  1. In order to delete a unit, the unit must not be occupied by any reservations past, present, or future.
    1. If property includes ownership, the unit number must not be associated with an owner contract. If so, contract must be deleted.
  2. If deleting a room type, all units of room type must refer to #1. 


Inventory Variance

  1. If it is seen that there is a variance in inventory there are a couple ways to see what is causing this.
    1. Check the Inventory Report under reports.
      1. This will show you for each room type under a date how many reservations are reserved for a given date, how many available, and how many blocked.
      2. The “Blocked” number is how many of the room type has been taken out of inventory which can be altered from the Inventory Report or the Room Rate Management page in Admin.
      3. Sometimes when making major changes to room types and inventory, this blocked number can be affected. Simply click the number and change in order to correct.
      4. If upon inspection, you are unable to locate the issue, report this to support immediately.
  2. WavePM allows users to alter already confirmed reservations to oversell the property by altering dates of these reservations.[

Restriction Sync (With Windsurfer)

  1. When restriction don’t seem to be syncing with Windsurfer, reset a future restriction value on your base rate and Save. 
  2. Click Sync icon and check Windsurfer, restrictions should have updated across all rate plans.


Changing Room Type of a Unit

  1. Create new room type
    1. If the room type you are going to use already exists move to step 2.
  2. In reservations menu, fill the “Check In Start” field with today’s date, leave all other fields blank except “Confirmed,” run and export to CSV
  3. Delete all rows that are not assigned to the room you will change. Keep this report for backup.
  4. Find and delete all room assignments from all future reservations.
  5. Go to room management and change type of the room number to the new type.
  6. Go back to the CSV and change all reservations that were assigned to that unit # to the new room type.
  7. If removing a room type altogether, delete the room old room type. If there are issues with this contact support, there may be past reservations assigned.
  8. Go to Reports, Inventory and check future dates of all room types to ensure the “Blocked” row dates all show 0.
  9. Check Siteminder/CRS to ensure that correct room type availability is showing, if not, go to Wave Rates page and Force Sync the RACK/Base rate inventory for all dates.