The first step to setting up your property is setting up your room types and unit numbers to establish inventory. It’s important to note that successful integration with a CRS requires that WavePM room type codes and numbers match the CRS in order to sync. Mistaken spaces and capital letters can result in bad connection.

  1. Under Admin, go to Room Operations, then Room Types
  2. Add room types needed for the property by clicking New Room Type
  3. The following fields are not necessary for the room type to be saved.
    1. Display Order
    2. Extra People Charge Start
    3. Extra People Fee
    4. Attributes
    5. Short Description
  4. Once you set up your room types, you need to create room numbers to set property inventory.
    a. Go to Admin, Room Operations, Manage Rooms
  5. Click New Room
  6. Select Room type from the pull down menu
  7. Fill fields appropriately, Housekeeping Status and Floor are the only required fields.
  8. Add any room condition notes that may be unique to this room
  9. If surveys are set up appropriately with Categories, this tab will show condition scores related to this room.
  10. If this is an owned property/room the contract info will show under the Contract info tab.
  11. If you would like to add pictures to show unique features of this unit, you may do so under the images tab.
    1. Room images stored here can be accessed when a user is assigning a room, so that the room’s unique set up and features can be viewed, as well as texted or emailed to guests.
  12. Under Maintenance Tasks, you can set a maintenance task for this room by date and time, accessible by rooms staff on the housekeeping/service system.
  13. Building automation is an optional functionality that controls the unit temperature based on certain criteria.