Reservation Detail

  1. Transactions  
    1. Credit Card
    2. Credit Card External: Credit card charges entered manually through the credit card processor or other means
    3. Check
    4. Cash
    5. Transfer
      1. This option allows the user to transfer an amount to another reservation
      2. The lookup option is available to select the appropriate account
        1. There are tags to the right of the account/name that show the reservation status and check in/checkout date
      3. Once transfer is completed the transaction notes will show where a transfer went, and on the other reservation, where it came from.
  2. Room Cards
    1. Name field is editable in the Edit pop up, along with a seperate phone number.
    2. Calendar – Shaded area shows room assignment. Red dots are assigned reservations, green dots shows that the unit is available for assignment. 
    3. Top right field is for Kaba door codes if applicable.
      1. Generate is in hyperlink form
      2. Process icon to resend door code to guest
      3. X icon is to generate a new door code
    4. Areas to Edit:
      1. If the cell with the room assignment is clicked, a room assignment pop up will appear. There is also the “X” icon which will unassign.
        1. At the top of the screen you will see the option to add or change a requested room, or set a Do Not Move flag.
        2. You can select a new room assignment in the current room type at the top portion of the screen.
        3. You can choose another room type at the bottom portion of the screen under “Other Available Room Types.”
          1. If another room type is picked, any rate changes will produce a Current and New rate Cal;culation, at which point the user can choose to update the rate or keep the same.
      2. Room Type, Check In Date or Check out Date will produce a room modification pop up, which includes editable fields for:
        1. Check In Date
        2. Check out Date
        3. Room Type and Room assignment.
        4. If any field changes incurs any room charge variance, fields at the bottom of the cell will show average and total current rates vs proposed new rates, with the option to update rates or keep the same.
      3. “Edit” link: clicking this will produce a pop up which will have the following editable fields:
        1. Date by Date nightly rate edit
        2. Room Card specific names and phone numbers (useful if reservation has multiple rooms)
        3. Checkboxes for Charge Cleaning Fee to Owners Statement (For owned properties) and a checkbox for Tax Exempt reservations
        4. Editable tax percentage is only editable by Accounting and above user levels
        5. Deposit amount
        6. Average room rate: will automatically change nightly rates accordingly if edited.
        7. Room Charges: will edit nightly rate, and average rate accordingly
        8. Total resort Fee 
        9. Delete room card option exists in the top right corner.
  3. Documentation
    1. Statement: Template can be edited under Manage Property Admin screen.
    2. Confirmation: Template can be edited under Manage Property Admin screen.
    3. Registration Card: Template can be edited under Manage Property Admin screen.
      1. Generic Templates are available at no extra cost.
  4. Rate Plan Field
    1. Under Cxcl Policy, it will say “No Refund” if there is no refund, It will say “Cxcl Policy” if there is cancelation criteria set under the rate plan.
    2. Ext Reservation #: Will be the reservation number from the CRS used.
    3. Rate Plan Code
    4. Group: A group can be set up and tracked using Admin – Groups
  5. Notes: Can be added and will print out on various reservation reports
  6. Other Charges: This is where item charges will exists provieded the reservation has any. See Items.
  7. Correspondence History:
    1. Will only appear if there have been any Email or SMS communication with the reservation guest. (With the exception of Kaba Generated Key Code Messages, these show in Reservation History)
    2. All automation generated SMS messages will show here.