Guest Shop

Overview: Guests are sent a specialized url link via text that includes a web app with assorted menus based on reservation status.


Menu Set up:

  1. Go to Admin – Items
  2. Select New Category
    1. Item Name – this will be the name of the menu that the guest sees
    2. Parent Category – If you have a parent category select it here, for instance Food and Beverage
    3. Allow Misc – not necessary for menus
    4. Select the checkbox for Available in Store
    5. Order window Start and End Times – Select the times that guests are able to make the order. The date is based on another section
    6. Delivery Start and End Times – Select the times which the items will be available for delivery.
    7. Date Selection Boxes
      1. Arrival Date – These items can be ordered and delivered on the reservation’s arrival date, before check in.
      2. Tomorrow – These items can be ordered today for delivery tomorrow. I.e. breakfast ordered the night before delivery.
      3. Today – These items can be ordered today for delivery today.
    8. Menu description – This free form text box will show text at the top of the web app menu page.
    9. Instructions – This free form text box will appear above the delivery times selector in the web app menu, useful to describe the delivery process.

Sending the Guest Shop Menus to guests:

  1. Set up a text message workflow to target guests that you would like the message to be sent to. Include the link with and template field just as typed below:{ReservationNumber}

Guest Experience with the Web App:

  1. When the guest clicks on their link, the web app will list the menus that are available based on their reservation status.
  2. If a reservation status does not meet requirements of a particular menu, a descriptor will state reason why.
    1. For instance, if the guest has yet to check in and there are menus only for checked in reservations, the screen will explain, “Menus available after check in.”
  3. Once the guest enters the menu, they will see the menu description at the top and the delivery instruction above the area where they select a delivery time.
  4. Orders total at the bottom with tax and order total.
  5. Once the guest subits the order, the screen will read “Order Submitted.”
  6. If the menu order time restricts a guest from ordering on a menu, the app will still show the menu, but will explain that selected menu is not available to take orders presently.

Charges and Reporting

  1. Charges are posted directly to the reservation detail under Other Charges with appropriate descriptors.
  2. Reporting is located under Reports – Guest Orders
  3. The table on the left is for current open orders. Closed orders can be shown as well
  4. The table on the right shows the items within the order.