Property Import

Create a CSV/Excel/Numbers spreadsheet with columns in the following order. If the export PMS does not contain, or the reservation does not contain any data for columns, leave blank. 


In order to get full use of the system, we would prefer to import history reservations as well so they may be included, these are noted by arrival and departure dates. Cancellations also may be included, under the column titled ResTypeDesc mark these reservations with Cxcl. All initial steps of CRS integration must be finished and ready to sync before the import is done. 


  1. FirstName
  2. Last Name
  3. Address1
  4. Address2
  5. City
  6. State
  7. PostCode
  8. Country
  9. Phone
  10. Email
  11. UnitCode
  12. UnitName
  13. Bedrooms
  14. Active Unit
  15. Book Number
  16. ResTypeDesc
  17. Date Booked
  18. Start Date
  19. End Date
  20. Nights
  21. Adults
  22. Children
  23. PetType
  24. Source Category
  25. Source SubCategory
  26. Rent Total
  27. ChargeTotal
  28. TaxTotal
  29. BookingTotal
  30. Payment Total
  31. Notes
  32. Rate Code
  33. Occ Tax Percent
  34. Sales Tax Percent
  35. Occ Tax Number
  36. Sales Tax Number
  37. Do Not Move