Adding Rates

  1. Set Up Rate Plan
    1. Set up your base rate, usually this is the rate that you would sell when reservations were made on property. Usually a rack rate or best available rate. Further along in the rate set up properties will be able to price in any way necessary.
    2. Must enter in a 3 or 4 letter rate code along with a description. 
    3. Set up as active, and synch WIndsurfer Enabled
    4. Add begin and end stay and begin sell dates
    5. You can add deposit as a percentage, click add range to see more options based on length of stay.
    6. Resort Fee and Calculation type
      1. One time
      2. Per night
      3. Percentage
    7. Add Guarantee and Cancellation Policies
  2. OTA options
    1. OTA Fee
      1. OTA Fee Percentage
      2. OTA Fee flat rate
    2. OTA Tax: Some OTAs include sales/occupancy tax in their bookings, so we have the option of withholding Sales or Occupancy tax from the booking. True/False check boxes for Sales/Occ Tax
  3. Adding Rates to rate plan
    1. Click to highlight rate plan and room types, availability, and restrictions will and dates will load below.
    2. In order to mass edit rates, under the room type column, click the TYPE РPrice 
    3. In the pop up, fill out:
      1. Start and End Date of the price
      2. Days of the week of the price
      3. Price per night
    4. Repeat if necessary for multiple seasons
    5. Available rooms can be set in the same manner if your inventory changes
      1. Note that you can not increase availability above physical limit
        1. If you wish to oversell a room type, go to Reports, Inventory and set the Blocked link for the date to -1, -2, etc.
    6. The Min LOS stands for minimum length of stay
      1. Fill out the pop up as you wish
    7. Closed to Arrival, restricts anyone from arriving on certain days.