Owner Contracts

  1. Owner Contracts can be found under the owner name record in Customers/Owners
  2. Each owner contract contains the following within the individual contract
    1. Property, Unit
    2. Owner Contract processing Method
      1. Last Night 
      2. Departure Day
    3. Management Commision % amount
    4. Held in Escrow % amount
    5. Rental Start Date and Rental End date 
    6. Commision Before CC Fee (True/False)
    7. Charge OTA Fee (True/False)
    8. Cleaning Fee (Owner stay Fee) amount
      1. Sales tax, occupancy tax True/False
    9. Method of Payment
      1. Direct Deposit
      2. Check
  3. CC Fees and OTA Fees are property wide
    1. Owner CC Fees are located under Property Management – Payment Type Management
    2. OTA Fees are located on the Rate Plan set up