Owner Reporting

  1. Owner Revenue Report
    1. Can be run before processing a period to verify/check on owner/unit data
    2. Can be run property wide or on any unit
    3. Set start date and end date to match the period
    4. Rich data report may take a few minutes to run
    5. When run, can be broken down from property – unit – reservation – day
    6. Includes owner data:
      1. Gross Revenue
      2. CC Fees
      3. OTA Fees
      4. Management Commision
      5. Held in Escrow
      6. Owner Stay Fees
      7. Owner Charges
      8. Owner Earnings
  2. Owner Contract Charges Report
    1. Shows owner charges outside of cleaning/stay fees over a time period
    2. Shows total for time period at the bottom.
  3. Property Revenue Report
    1. Totals Bar is on top row
    2. Each category shows the CY/PY change
    3. In the second section below, data can be broken down to the day/reservation level.
    4. Report shows YoY data broken down by unit number
      1. Rental Revenue CY/PY Current Year / Past Year
      2. Renter Nights CY/PY
      3. Average Occupancy CY/PY
      4. ADR Average Daily Rate CY/PY
      5. Owner Nights CY/PY
      6. Owner Use Value CY/PY
      7. Owner Use Value = Potential owner revenue lost due to owner staying in their own unit. 
  4. Documents
    1. Property documents can be uploaded for owners to view in their Owners Portal
    2. Once uploaded, the user can choose to allow access to individual owners or all owners.
  5. Post Charges
    1. Utility to allow property users to apply owner and guest charges in a quick efficient way
    2. Allows date range, search type, and CSV export