Adding Based On Rates

  1. Determine how much more of an amount that you want to increase OTA rates over those who book directly. Percentage or dollar amount.
  2. Ensure that your base rate is correct and restrictions are as you would like them to be in Wave
  3. Deactivate the old OTA Rate, by opening the edit button on the rate plan, and deselecting the active button.
  4. The rate plan will then disappear from the list
  5. Go into Windsurfer – Rate Management – Rate Code – Rate Linkage
    1. Select 3rd Party Net Rates from the pull down list in the top right under category
    2. To the right select which OTA rate you are changing ex. BOOK.
    3. Select BOOK from the list and delete.
  6. Under that rate in the Windsurfer dash board you should see no rates under BOOK.
  7. Now back in Wave, click the button to create New Rate Plan
    1. Use the same rate code so that Windsurfer recognizes the rate plan: BOOK
    2. Fill out description:
    3. Select the Active button
    4. Select the Sync Windsurfer Enabled button
    5. Under “Based on Rate Plan” select your main rate plan: RACK or BAR
    6. Select Adjustment Type and set to percentage or amount
    7. Input the amount, example for 10%, enter 10.
    8. Stay dates, deposit and resort fee will be set to mirror the base rate
    9. Scroll down and save.
  8. Now select your new rate and ensure everything mirrors your base rate
  9. Click the sync button
  10. You will see the rates and availability immediately update the rate in the windsurfer dashboard.
  11. In order to sync restrictions:
    1. Add a any restriction to the base rate, click save, remove it, click save.
    2. Sync new rate again
    3. You will see restrictions in Windsurfer
  12. Now any change in availability, pricing, or restriction in the base rate (BAR, RACK) and saved, those changes will be reflected in Windsurfer.