Auto Refund

Auto refund is a functionality that allows each rate plan to have set criteria that automatically manages refund/kept amount revenue for each reservation. 


  1. Auto Refund can be located on the second tab in any rate plan edit, or creation.
  2. All below criteria below is checked when rate reservation is canceled:
    1. Option 1 
      1. More Than
      2. Less Than
    2. Option 2 
      1. Days
      2. Weeks
      3. Months
    3. Before or After – picklist
    4. Option 3
      1. Arrival Date
      2. Creation Date – Booking date
    5. Then
    6. Option 4
      1. Auto Refund Reservation (Using MOP that paid the deposit)
      2. Do Not Auto Refund
    7. Option 5 – If Auto Refund Reservation is selected in option 4
      1. $ amount 
        1. The amount that the property will keep, the rest of any leftowber deposited funds will be refunded.
        2. Example: Reservation  total amount paid is 200.00 and this $Amount is filled out as 50.00. Guest will be refunded $150.00
      2. % amount of the Total Amount Paid with deposit will be refunded
        1. If criteria allows for a full refund, the % amount would be 100%
  3. On the Guest Reservation Detail
    1. There is a field to left of “Ext. Resv #” called “Cxl Pol”
    2. If canceled currently, the field will show as 
      1. “No Refund” if reservation criteria meets a no refund criteria set for the rate plan.
      2. “Refund Policy” if there is criteria met that has more detailed refund information, ie a certain amount of deposit is refunded.
    3. When the reservation is cancelled, a pop up will produce showing the cancelation criteria that the reservation meets.
      1. Any property user can then accept the policy and accept the cancelation, or choose to proceed with the cancelation
        1. In this way a user can verify cancellation policy for quest questions.
      2. If the user is of a high enough user access level (This can be property specific)
        1. An option will appear where user can choose to “Accept Criteria” which is the default.
        2. If this user chooses to ignore the auto refund criteria and simply cancel and manually refund or not, they would uncheck this option.