1. After the trial or activation has been logged into, you can add users, change access, and change passwords under the Admin Tab -> Property Setup ->Users.
  2. Also under Property Setup is Manage Properties, click there and you will find your property.
  3. Click the edit icon which will bring up a property screen with many tabs.
  4. Under the Main tab fill out all information as best you can.
    1. Rate Plan can be entered after you have completed that step
    2. Taxes are as follows
      1. Property tax should be considered the entire percentage of rate that a nights rate would incur.
      2. If your property tax has additional flat fee taxes email support@wavepm.com for further instructions.
      3. Resort fees and deposit amounts can be calculated later on in the set up under Rates.
      4. Sales tax should be your locations sales tax percentage.
    3. If the property being set up does not have ownership, leave those fields blank.
    4. Default Transaction Start and End Times set the system’s default transaction dates according to those hours. For instance if the transaction end time is 7pm local, then transactions occurring at 8pm would be considered to be occurring the following date.
    5. Auto Check in should be considered last after all set up has been completed. To consider about Auto Check In:
      1. Auto check in happens at 11am local property time. All rooms that have been changed from VD or VC to VR today, that have a confirmed reservation assigned, that check in is scheduled for today, will be checked in automatically.
        1. Properties with Kaba e-Code integration locks, the quest will receive the check in message with a code at this time. Properties not integrated with locks can choose to send the check in message whenever they would like in Text Automations.
  5. Additional Tab should be filled out to define the property’s general, cancellation, and guarantee policies.
  6. On the Images, property photos can be stored which can be used for any booking sites you may wish to have, but is not necessary.
  7. Company Info is useful if you have an umbrella company of which this is just one property.
  8. Payment Type Management is where you can set up credit card transaction fees for accounting and reporting purposes. If this is not an ownership property the credit card fees should be left blank.
  9. Integrations, Email Settings and Templates, Guest Surveys, and Kaba Template are covered in other articles but are not necessary for initial set up.