Owner Portal

Registering Owner

  1. The owner record should have been entered into Admin-Owner/Customers along with a unit contract.
  2. The owner can go to  app.wavepm.com/registration in order to register for the portal
  3. The email that they use should be the email used in the owner record
  4. Once the owner enters their email into the registration page and clicks Register, they will receive an email with instructions to set their password.

Portal Configuration

  1. The portal calendar will show all dates of the owned unit with:
    1. Confirmed and assigned renter reservations
    2. Owner reservations booked
    3. Room Holds/Maintenance Blocks
  2. Using the calendar the owner can make reservations directly through the portal
  3. The portal includes completed period statements
  4. There is a documents page that will show all owners uploaded documents sent by the management company/property
  5. On the owner record, under info there is a checkbox when if checked will give owners access to their properties Property Revenue Report, when checked, that owners portal will show an additional tab for the report which they can toggle for any dates.