Quick Quote Dates To Reserve

  1. When you click and drag the dates at the top of the grid, you are able to see the room rates for those dates all the way down the rooms grid.
  2. When you find a room type/room that you want to reserve, click the price shown and you will be taken to the reservation flow for the selected filed.

Quick Quote Unit Cell to Reserve

  1. Click hold and drag over dates of the specific unit row then it will load the total for a reservation like it does for the quick quote. Only difference is that it shows only this unit’s price
  2. If unit has a room assignment or is not available, an error message will display “Unit not Available.”
  3. The quote/price will show as a hyperlink as it does with quick quote which can be clicked in order to start the reservation flow with that unit and type.
  4. Once the reservation has been confirmed the reservation will be auto assigned to that specific unit #.

Drag Edge to Extend Stay

  1. dragging the cursor over the right border of the reservation cell will highlight the cell indicating that you are ready to drag
  2. drag the border to desired length of stay, or shorten length of stay
  3. In each case the room modification confirmation will produce, showing you possible rate changes.