Calendar view of reservations future and past. Used as blocking aid, and tool for quick view of pertinent information.


  1. Shaded blue column represents present day. Room blocks will be shaded on days that they are stay overs. Checkout dates are not represented except by the block ending by being blank. For instance if a guest is checking on on the 18th and checking out on the 19th, the 18th will be shaded showing occupancy
  2. Top left corner contains a calendar pop up that will jump to date entered. Default is present day. While showing one day prior to be able to view due to check out reservations
  3. To the right of the calendar pop up is a refresh button. Page must be refreshed when changes are made if you are working on multiple windows/tabs.
  4. Next is the “Block Room” button. In order to add a Room Block for Maintenance or any other reason, use this function
    1. Clicking button will produce a pop up window
    2. Add Start and End Dates
    3. Next the room pull down menu will produce the rooms that are available to be blocked.
    4. Next, add block Reason
    5. Blocked rooms will restrict inventory
  5. Next is the “Back” button which will display the rooms grid 30 days ago if in 60 day view, and 7 days ago in 14 day view.
  6. There are two view types “Assignment View” and “Payment View.” Default is payment view, however this can be changed if requested.. Color representation for each view:
    1. Assignment View:
      1. Red: Past Reservation
      2. Orange: Current, Checked In Reservation
      3. Green: Future Reservation
    2. Payment View:
      1. Red: No payment made
      2. Orange: Partial payment applied to Balance Due
      3. Green: Paid in full, Balance due = zero.
  7. To the right of that is the selector for 14 day view or 60 day view. Default view is 60 Day.
  8. Then there is the Expanded View which will show 50% more rooms and days if selected. Default is set to Standard View.
  9. Room Status: next to each room is the current room status, the status can be changed to either Clean, Ready, or Dirty by clicking on the pull down icon.
  10. Clicking the room number, type or status column headers will sort the grid accordingly.

Date Drag to Show Rates:

  1. If you take your cursor and click, and drag from one date to another, the grid will display the rates for the selected dates for each individual room
  2. These rates do not account for availability or restrictions
  3. If you click on one of the rates, the reservation tab will appear and you reservation will be in progress.

Room and Date Highlight

  1. When an empty room cell is clicked, the room row will be highlighted all the way across, and the date column will be highlighted as well, helping you to easily see details on that room or date.