Email and Reservation Templates

  1. Set up email credentials in property admin under Admin, Manage Properties
    1. Select Email Setting from the top menu
    2. Email: enter email address
    3. Reservation Notification Email: This is the email address that will receive confirmations when reservations are made externally.
    4. Leave Confirmation Template empty, this is only for hard coded templates
    5. Guest Order alert: This is the email address that will receive alerts when an order is made in the Guest Shop system.
    6. Smtp Host, Port, and User must be filled out exactly, if you have issues contact your property administrator or IT personnel.
    7. Check Notify Reservations if you wish to receive those emails
    8. Check Use SSL
  2. Confirmation Template
    1. We have default Confirmation templates for use. These are built using html, click Preview in order to see the template.
    2. The Template provided will use information from your Main and Additional tabs under Admin, Mage Property to fill out pertinent property details.
  3. Cancellation Emails
    1. Contact WavePM for a basic cancelation template
  4. Guest Registrations Cards
    1. These can be printed out for daily arrivals if the property uses registration cards
    2. Template available upon request.
  5. Owner Confirmations
    1. Template available upon request.