Connect Property to Siteminder

Integration Process

  1. If a hotel would like to connect their PMS (WavePM) to The Channel Manager, they will put a request through to their Account Manager or Sales representative. 
  2. The Sales Representative or the Account Manager will trigger a case, in order to start the process of the Integration/connection. 
  3. As soon as the connection is approved to go forward, the PMS integration team will prepare the setup spreadsheet with all the required connection credentials.

– Account Manager will provide the Hotel Code

  1. The spreadsheet will then be sent to WavePM and hotel copied in to fill in the Inventory Type Code and Rate Plan Code.
  2. Once returned, our PMS integration will proceed with the complete setup and get in touch with WavePM Setup and integration contact to complete to the live phase.

Single Property Initiation 

  1. Link WavePM to the live property by connecting all of the relevant credentials under property management. The only unique thing here is the property code. User and Password are the same across each property.
  2. Build Room Type/ Rate configuration in Siteminder channel manager under “WavePM” -> Room/Rate
    1. Enter room type code, rateplan code, and Inventory Code (Same as Room Type Code)
  3. Check mapping to ensure all codes match WavePM codes
  4. In WavePM
    1. Rates: Sync Rates from Rates page by pushing the Sync Icon of the base (BAR, RACK) rate plan
    2. Availability: Sync Availability from Inventory Page, click the sync icon.
      1. Inventory must be pushed the first time in monthly segments 
      2. Depending on the amount of room types at the property, appropriately sized date segments must be used in order to sync. Siteminder handles 500 room type date updates per push, so, RoomType x DaysinDateSegemnt if under 500 will sync successfully. For instance most properties will sync at least a month at a time.
      3. Check siteminder inventory grid to ensure availability sync worked
    3. Restrictions:  order to push Restrictions, load the base rate plan to push by selecting the rate plan until it is highlighted in blue.
      1. On the grid below, click the “Force CRS Sync” button and select what you would like to sync, all dates shown on the grid will sync (Typically 1 month.) Repeat through all dates needed.
      2. Important: If the property has an off season, CTAs must be set in Wave for each room type for dates that the property is not in operation.
  5. If there are any issues with the above, please reach out to support.
  6. Keep in mind that each room type must have each rate plan mapped in Siteminder, even if you do not plan on selling that room type for a given rate plan.