Welcome SMS, Kaba integration

  1. For properties that are integrated with a Kaba key code lock system.
    1. Kaba credentials must be entered into the integration tab of the property admin.
    2. Kaba door names must be entered into the Room Management page and must match the door names in DormaKaba extranet.
    3. If the property is ready to test this functionality, WavePM will set up a test message that will include the door code to a test reservation once checked in.
    4. Once fully tested provide WavePM with arrival scripting for guests triggered by one of the two following events.
      1. If you have auto-check in enabled (located in Main Property Admin) once the room is VR the reservation will be checked in automatically and the text message with a door code will fire.
      2. If you do not have auto check in enabled, the text message will fire once the reservation is manually checked in.
    5. This message is hard coded bc it includes two systems (Wave and Kaba)
    6. Check in messages sent via the text mesaage workflow can not include the door codes. *may be some future development that includes this

Room Card Names and Phone Numbers

  1. In reservation Detail, add individual names and phone numbers that will override the Reservation Info phone number.
    1. All text communications willm go to the room card phone number if there is a value entered different from the main phone number.

In App SMS Conversations

  1. The in app conversation tab will show every properties’ conversations if the User has more than one.
    1. This can be changed, may be available upon request.
  2. When you have received a new message, the SMS icon to the left of the settings icon will show what number of new messages have been received.
  3. To open the conversations tab, click the SMS icon.
  4. New messages have a green dot to the right of the chat box
  5. Open the conversation by clicking the box on the left.
  6. To see the reservations of the guest in the conversation, click the name in the top right box.
    1. There will be a list of reservations past present and future. Future reservations are at the bottom.

SMS/Reservation Integration

  1. When a reservation quick view is opened, if that reservation has a conversation there will be a SMS icon on the top bar indicating such
  2. When the user clicks the icon, the conversation tab will open to that conversation.