Guest Surveys

Survey Admin

  1. Under Admin , Manage Properties, Guest Surveys
  2. Here is where you can set up Surveys for either guests or owners.
  3. Choose the guest type and add a Survey Name
  4. The survey invite text will be sent out to all departures of that guest type at their departure time
  5. Check the box in order to send invite SMS at checkout time.
  6. If the property prefers to send via email, the email subject and text fields need to be filled out.
    1. If left Blank, nothing will be sent via email

Survey Set Up

  1. Go to Admin, Guest Surveys
  2. Select New Survey
    1. Add name and ID, ID can be anything
    2. Check the active box.
  3. Select New Question
    1. Add the question text under Question
    2. Display order of the question, for example 1,2,3 etc.
    3. Hint: this is how you qualify the answer to the question, for instance if you choose are asking a guest to rate something you would fill in 1= Poor, 5 = Excellent
    4. Make sure to select a question category from the pull down menu, if the question does not relate to any category listed it should be left blank.
      1. The room condition category will be used to show unique scores by unit number in room management. Two room condition category scores will show.
    5. Type: This is the Type of question you are asking
      1. Ranking: These are scale questions, “rate your stay on a scale of 1 to 5” the hint would provided to give the customer some direction
      2. Options: you will be able to provide options for the guest to select which one best fits their answer, for example the question asks about their check in experience, options might be “Very welcoming,” “somewhat Welcoming” etc.
      3. Text: Open text answers
    6. Options
      1. Highlight the question which this option is referring to
      2. Select New Option
      3. This is where you provide the answer portion of the survey
        1. For a ranking question such as “how would you rate the unit cleanliness?” The option text would be 1, followed by 2, 3, 4, and 5.
        2. For an option question, you would provide text for the different options that the customer is able to select.
        3. For an open ended text question, there is no need to provide options.