Twilio Integration

  1. Twilio Set Up
    1. Set up Twilio account, make sure to leave valid credit card on file and select automatic refill so that SMS use is not restricted or interrupted by payment issues.
    2. Purchase a phone number, select the prefix, usually you can select up to first 6 numbers.
    3. When prompted to set up the number enter in text under messaging A Message Comes In (Webhook) “
    4. Leave all other fields as default.
  2. WavePM Set Up
    1. Go to Manage Property under Admin Tab
    2. Under the Integrations Menu you will see the Twilio section with Twilio SID, Twilio Auth Token, and Twilio Phone Number
      1. Twilio SID can be found in Twilio under Account Dashboard to the right under Project Name you will find the Account SID. Enter this code
      2. Twilio Auth Token can be found directly under Twilio SID, just click “view”
      3. Twilio Phone number is the set up number than can be found in Twilio under “Phone Numbers” at the bottom of the Account Dashboard page.
      4. There is also a section in Property Management for “SMS Notification Email.” You can enter an email which will receive an email with each new incoming message.