Guest Charge Items

  1. One function of Items is to set up common reservation charges
  2. First create a category for example “Cancelation Fees.”
  3. To set up Charge Item Categories only the Name, Parent Category, and allow misc should be entered.
    1. Parent Category can be used when tying to another category as it’s Parent, for instance you could create a parent category of “Room Revenue Charges” and have a subcategory of Cancellation Fees.
    2. Allow misc allows users to select a miscellaneous charge and describe it, under a certain parent category. For example a user could select “Cancelation Fees,” and then enter a miscellaneous charge that is not yet defined along with notes.
  4. After the category is set up, Items can be set up under that category. 
  5. Select new Item, fill in name, price and fill out appropriate taxes.


Guest Shop Menu Items


  1. Select New Category
  2. Name – this will be the name of the menu that the guest sees
  3. Parent Category – If you have a parent category select it here, for instance Food and Beverage
  4. Allow Misc – not necessary for menus
  5. Select the checkbox for Available in Store
  6. Order window Start and End Times – Select the times that guests are able to make the order. 
  7. Delivery Start and End Times – Select the times which the items will be available for delivery.
  8. Date Selection Boxes
      1. Arrival Date – These items can be ordered and delivered on the reservation’s arrival date, before check in.
      2. Tomorrow – These items can be ordered today for delivery tomorrow. I.e. breakfast ordered the night before delivery.
      3. Today – These items can be ordered today for delivery today.
  9. Menu description – This free form text box will show text at the top of the web app menu page.
  10. Instructions – This free form text box will appear above the delivery times selector in the web app menu, useful to describe the delivery process.
  11. Now menu items can be created for the menu.