Connect Property to Windsurfer

  1. Get hotel code, which can be found in Windsurfer via Property Description (Address/Contacts) navigation listed as CRS Property ID
  2. Request windsurfer to take the integration live.
    1. Email with the following information:
      1. Property Name
      2. Property (hotel) Code
      3. PMS Vendor Contact (Installer) = WavePM
      4. Date you are requesting activation
  3. Windsurfer will then send you a property mappings document which includes your properties hotel code, username, password, and room types.
  4. Check that room type codes in windsurfer match room types codes in Wave. Utilize the mappings or under property description-room type in Windsurfer.
  5. Add windsurfer hotel code, username, and password to the property under Admin-Manage Properties in Wave. Select Integrations and add credentials in fields provided.
  6. Under Admin > Room Rates insure that property availability/inventory is accurate in WavePM.
    1. This requires room types, rooms to be accurate and any future reservations to be entered to update availability.
  7. Under Admin > Room Rates ensure you have a rate plan that is set to sync with windsurfer, and accurate rates and restrictions are loaded for all dates.
    1. In order to be able to sync, check the box indicating that the rate plan should be enabled to sync, under the rate plan edit icon.
    2. Also check that needed restrictions for Min LOS and restricted day of arrival are entered in Wave.
      1. Min LOS is based on arrival or Min A LOS as some OTA sites will request this information.
  8. Go into Windsurfer and make sure that there is a rate code that matches the rate plan code in Wave. You can access the rate codes in Windsurfer > Rate Management > Rate Code.
  9. You can then make additional rates (Expedia,, OTAs) derived from your Wave rate for example making your Expedia rate 15% higher than your Wave rate. To use, select rate linkage under rate code in Windsurfer.
  10. If you’d like to set an OTA only rate, ensure that this rate’s ranking is set to 1 and Wave’s rate code is set to 2.
  11. Under the room rate page in Wave select the ((( sync icon to sync the loaded rates and availability to Windsurfer.
  12. Check to make sure that the rate codes, availability, and rate restrictions have synced.
  13. To view rate restrictions select Availability > View All.